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अक्टूबर 12, 2015


Today,  as always, man seeks God—and often without knowing he is doing so. All human activity—good, bad, or indifferent—is actually the misapplied search of God.
The fact is that man in his true nature is already divine; but this divinity is covered. Life’s one purpose is the realization of divinity.
Realization of divinity is religion. At base, all religions teach this same truth although accretions often obscure it. Vedanta emphasizes the one objective of realization but accepts diverse methods of reaching it.
Realization may be gained by the practice of the yoga of knowledge, or of control of mind, or of selfless work, or of love of God—or by a combination of yogas.
The great prophets of the world afford living examples of the realization of divinity. As models they inspire man, and as dispensers of grace they assist him towards realization.



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  1. As I see examples of OUR CREATORS diverse plans right from the very beginning of life Everything was planned right from the very start ,,OUR CREATOR taught of everything in order for all living things to co exist with one another,,Everything to help us survive OUR CREATOR put on earth for us to use not the medicines that grow ,, the waters that flow ,, the birds that fly ..the stars the sun.. the moon up high ,, the insects that crawl ,,the winds that howl ,,,Our fur baring brothers who walk on 4 feet …. our unborn babies yet beneath the sheet ,, the air we breathe the vegetables and flowers that …the fish that swim ,,, and death so grim ,,,Yes OUR CREATOR planned everything ,, we had no knowledge so OUR CREATOR in HIS GREATNESS appointed special individuals to instruct us through our paths in life ,OUR teachers ,,that instructed us ,,and direct us towards the life OUR CREATOR ,intended us to follow ,, the greatest gift that OUR CREATOR gave is the greatest gift of LOVE ,, for each other ….. and for everything OUR CREATOR gave us ,,OUR CREATOR GOD is everywhere ,,,

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